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SIGMA 60mm F2.8: 二千有找m4/3、NEX啱用



SIGMA嚟緊有支60mm F2.8 DN會出! 我係真心幾期待, 佢係會以對應m4/3系統同Sony NEX系E-Mount而設定, 60mm定焦f/2.8, 開價係2,5200日圓, 即係港幣$2,000有找啊! 你老闆吖! 我一直係m4/3用家, 你知道佢啲鏡出名貴啦! 呢支可以話必買之物, 不過廠商提醒, 放落m4/3佢會變成120mm, 而E-Mount就係90mm, 哎! APS-C呀! 我係咪應該改行玩NEX呢? 日本推出日期鐵定5月17日。







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  1. Believe it or not! My 60mm F2.8 (M4/3 mount) works wonders for me. It easily eclipses my 30mm F2.8 in image quality.
    In fact, the DXOMark tested and rated the Sigma 60mm F2.8 as the best E-mount lens available. Judging from my experience, I am not at all surprised at the findings.